The city of Kyoto consists of a square grid of streets running north-south and east-west around the Kamo river. A large number of temples and historical sites are located in the city. In addition to being a significant tourist magnet, attracting every year a large number of visitors, Kyoto is also a regional industrial centre for IT and electronics: several Japanese multinationals are headquartered here. Kyoto's historic district of Gion originated in the middle ages to accommodate travelers and visitors to the Yasaka shrine. Over time it became one of the most exclusive and well-known geisha districts in Japan.
01 Kyoto tower 02 Kyoto tower 03 Kyoto tower 04 Train station main hall
05 Kyoto skyline at dusk 06 Municipal museum of art
07 Street near Heian shrine 08 Packaged food 09 Packaged food 10 Downtown Kyoto
11 Alley in Gion district 12 Alley in Gion district 13 Theatre 14 Gion area 15 Gion area
16 Gion area 17 Gion area 18 Pavement with shops 19 Furniture and gift articles shop 20 Alley in Gion district 21 Street intersection with shops at night
22 Mall interior 23 Salted radish and pickles 24 Salted vegetables and pickles 25 Gourmet food shop 26 Indoor market
27 Cocon Karasuma department store at night 28 Temple at night 29 Reflection of Kyoto tower in train station 30 Reflection of Kyoto tower in train station 31 Train station and Christmas tree
32 Christmas tree in train station at night
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