Sirmione is a city of 8000 inhabitants in northern Italy, located on a small peninsula in the middle of the southern shore of lake Garda. Sirmione has a picturesque castle, the 13th century Scaliger castle and a well preserved historic core. Further north of Sirmione along the peninsula is the archaeological site of the Grotte di Catullo, which consists of a large area with the ruins of a 1st century AD Roman villa. Sirmione is a major tourist centre with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and attracts large crows of visitors, especially on weekends. Only authorised cars may drive into the historic core of Sirmione.
01 Sirmione castle 02 Bridge to Sirmione castle 03 Tower in Sirmione castle 04 House 05 Sirmione
06 Sirmione 07 Sirmione 08 Tower in Sirmione castle 09 Sirmione
10 Orange house 11 Tower in Sirmione castle 12 Tower in Sirmione castle 13 Sirmione castle 14 Scaliger castle
15 Carducci square 16 Carducci square 17 Palace Hotel Villa Cortine
18 Young couple 19 Meadow with olive trees 20 Meadow with olive trees 21 Grotte di Catullo 22 Grotte di Catullo
23 Grotte di Catullo 24 Grotte di Catullo 25 Grotte di Catullo 26 Lake Garda
27 Boats on lake Garda 28 Garda lake 29 Tree
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