Located close to the northwestern corner of Sicily, Palermo is the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily and its largest city. The area around Palermo has been settled since at least the 8th millenium BC and Palermo itself was founded by the Phoenicians in 734BC. Over the course of the centuries Palermo was ruled by the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Normans. In the 19th century it was united with the kingdom of Naples and later, in 1860 with the kingdom of Italy. Due to its long history Palermo has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, some of which however was destroyed in World War II. Palermo was a wealth of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings. Palermo has an international airport and is a major tourist centre in Sicily.
01 Porta Nuova gate 02 Palazzo dei Normanni 03 Staircase and inner court 04 Altar in Cappella Palatina 05 Cappella Palatina roof 06 Tourists in Cappella Palatina
07 Cappella Palatina 08 Cappella Palatina roof 09 Tourists in Cappella Palatina 10 Cappella Palatina 11 Tourists in Cappella Palatina 12 Bronze statue
13 Parliamentary chamber 01 Chiesa del Gesu church 02 Dome of St Caterina church 03 Pretoria square
04 Pretoria fountain and St Caterina church 05 Pretoria fountain and St Caterina church 06 Quattro Canti west facade 07 Quattro Canti west facade 08 Quattro Canti west facade
09 Quattro Canti square 10 Interior of Santissimo Salvatore church 11 Interior of Santissimo Salvatore church
12 Quattro Canti square 13 Teatro Massimo opera house 14 Teatro Massimo at night
15 Teatro Massimo Lion statue 16 Domenico e Chiostro church 17 Domenico e Chiostro church 18 Column on Domenico square 19 Building facade on Via Roma
20 Via Roma street 01 Main cupola 02 Clock tower 03 Palermo cathedral
04 Main cupola 05 Cathedral court with St Rosalia statue 06 Nave 07 Interior with nave 08 Holy water bowl 09 Lateral section with small cupolas
10 Archbishop palace tower 11 Baroque small side cupola by Ferdinando Fuga 12 Statue of St Rosalia 13 Statue of St Rosalia 14 Baroque small side cupola by Ferdinando Fuga 15 Bonello street with archbishop palace and arcade
16 Gate to Palermo cathedral 01 Vegetables stall 02 Butcher market stall 03 Vegetables stall 04 Vegetables stall 05 Fruit market stall
06 Fruit market stall 07 Fruit market stall 08 Fruit market stall 09 Conca d'Oro shopping mall 10 Conca d'Oro shopping mall
11 Conca d'Oro shopping mall 01 Panoramic view of Palermo
02 Panoramic view of Palermo
03 Panoramic view of Palermo
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