The Palazzo dei Normanni (Palace of the Normans) or Royal Palace of Palermo was the residence of the kings of Sicily in the Norman period (11th to 13th century) and was the main seat of power for the subsequent rulers of Sicily. The palace is built in a mix of architectural styles: Arabic, Norman and Byzantine. From the outside the palace look unimpressive, but the interiors are richly decorated. The highlight is the Cappella Palatina, a chapel clad with golden mosaics and numerous paintings. Other hightlights of the Palazzo dei Normanni are the kings's rooms, for instance the Sala di Ruggero II, which is decorated with impressive mosaics of Persian peacocks, palm trees and leopards. The palace serves also as the seat of the Sicilian parliament.
01 Porta Nuova gate 02 Palazzo dei Normanni 03 Staircase and inner court 04 Altar in Cappella Palatina 05 Cappella Palatina roof 06 Tourists in Cappella Palatina
07 Cappella Palatina 08 Cappella Palatina roof 09 Tourists in Cappella Palatina 10 Cappella Palatina 11 Tourists in Cappella Palatina 12 Bronze statue
13 Parliamentary chamber
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