The cathedral of Monreale lies in Monreale, a small town located 8km south of Palermo on the slope of Monte Caputo. It is considered the finest example of Norman architecture in Sicily, incorporating Norman, Arab, Byzantine and classical elements. Construction of the cathedral was started in 1174 and was completed in 1267. Modifications to the cathedral were made in the 16th and 18th centuries, but the original design was preserved. The cathedral is famous for the breathtaking Byzantine mosaics in its interior and its rich decorations.
01 Monreale cathedral 02 Statue of Virgin Mary 03 Monreale cathedral 04 Outside view of Apse 05 Bronze door 06 Bronze door
07 Bronze statue 08 Cathedral interior with rows of chairs 09 Confessional 10 Cathedral interior and apse 11 Apse with mosaics and altar
12 Byzantine mosaics 13 Rear part of Monreale cathedral 14 Apse with Byzantine mosaics
15 Roof 16 Statue of saint with baroque columns 17 Statue of saint with baroque columns 18 Vestment of the archbishop
19 Vestment of the archbishop 20 Marble bust
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