In winter, starting from an altitude of 1700m Mt Etna is covered with snow. It's a beautiful and surreal landscape of black lava mixed with streaks and patches of snow, in a variety of patterns. The photos shown here have been taken at an altitude between 2000 and 2600m above sea level. Rifugio Sapienza is close to the bottom station of the Mt Etna cablecar. In winter Mt Etna is a skiing area.
01 Rifugio Sapienza 02 Etna cablecar base station 03 Snow covered slopes 04 Snow covered slopes 05 Snow covered Mt Etna
06 Snow covered slopes 07 Snow covered lava rock 08 Snow covered Mt Etna 09 Snow covered Mt Etna
10 Slopes at 2600m altitude 11 Slopes at 2600m altitude 12 Snow fields on Mt Etna
13 Snow covered slope 14 Lava stone 15 Snow covered slopes
16 Slopes at 2600m altitude 17 Slopes at 2600m altitude
18 Mt Etna summit 19 Snow covered Mt Etna 20 Snow covered Mt Etna
21 Panoramic view of Mt Etna and Mediterranean sea 22 Snow and sun 23 Volcanic rock
24 Smoking rock 25 Small crater 26 Volcanic rock landscape 27 Mt Etna slope
28 Craters 29 Crater
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