Erice is a small city with 28000 inhabitants, located on a hill (Mount Erice, 750m) overlooking Trapani. The city was founded in the ancient Greek period in the 5th century BC. Not much however is left of this period and in fact what is visible today dates back to the medieval period. Erice is walled medieval city with a 12th century Norman castle. At the western end lies Chiesa Matrice, a 14th century built in Gothic style. Overall Erice is a picturesque medieval city which however lacks major highlights. A cablecar connects Erice with the outskirts of Trapani.
01 Cablecar from Trapani to Erice 02 Porta Trapani gate 03 Torre di Re Federico tower 04 Matrice church and tower 05 Matrice church
06 Round window of Matrice church 07 View of the Sicilian coast towards Trapani 08 Erice 09 Erice
10 Narrow alley 11 Decorated dishes souvenirs 12 Pastry shop 13 Pupi marionettes for sale 14 Pastry shop
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