Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region in northern Italy and with a population of 1.3 million people the second largest city in Italy. Milan and the region around it are a major economic centre in Italy. With a 2004 GDP of 241 billion Euro the Milan metropolitan area, were it a country, would rank as the 28th largest economy in the world, almost as large as the Austrian economy. Milan is renowned as one of the world centres of design and fashion. It is famous for its fashion houses and shops and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, reputed to be the world's oldest shopping mall. From a tourist perspective the city has a few interesting spots, but lacks impressive architecture.
01 Train station and flea market 02 Side view
03 Train station and square 04 Roof detail 05 Main entrance
06 Fountain 07 Fountain 08 Inner hall with moving walkways 09 Main hall 10 Entrance hall
11 Outer hall 01 Front view of cathedral 02 Front view of cathedral 03 Door and windows 04 Front view of cathedral
05 Duomo square 06 Spires 07 Side view with windows and buttresses 08 Roof with spires 09 Window
10 Side view of facade 11 Front view of cathedral 12 Front view of cathedral 01 Triumphal arch on Duomo square 02 TIM shop
03 Street with mosaic 04 Central area with glass dome 05 Swarovski shop window 06 Street with mosaic 07 Prada shop
08 Street with mosaic 09 Building facade with lamps 10 Rizzoli shop 11 Tods shop 12 Side entrance with arch 01 Building facade
02 Banca commerciale italiana building 03 Building gate 04 Ferrari store 05 Pedestrian area 06 Building facade 07 Apparel outlet
08 Apparel stores and colonnade 09 Historical building 10 Building facade 11 Taxi stand 12 Skyscraper 13 Colonnade
14 Gallia hotel 15 Malpensa airport hall 16 Air Dolomiti plane in Malpensa airport
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