The city of Jerusalem has a history spanning back to the 4th millennium BC, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. Its current layout however largely originates from the Bizantyne period and the city walls were erected only in the 16th century. The city in divided in Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian quarters. The walled old city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the world. It contains of some of the most holy sites for Christianity, Judaism and the Muslim faith: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall and Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque. The city draws a large number of tourists every year, many of whom come here for religious reasons. The status of Jerusalem remains one of the core issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem has been repeatedly condemned by the United Nations and related bodies.
01 Souvenir vendors on David street 02 Souvenir T-shirts 03 Church tower 04 Casa Nova road 05 Gate to mosque of Omar 06 Religious souvenir
07 Gate of Lutheran church of the redeemer 08 First temple period excavations 09 Alley 10 Jewish quarter 11 Jewish quarter 12 Arched alley
13 Via Dolorosa 14 Third station on Via Dolorosa 15 Staircase 16 Green peas 17 Vegetables vendor
18 Damascus gate 19 Alley with arched roof 20 Alley with arched roof 21 Alley with staircase 22 Shops in Al Wad street 23 Church and restaurant at night
24 Arched hall with shops 25 Arched hall with shops 26 Souvenir shop 27 Religious souvenirs 28 Wooden door 01 Park and Dome of the Rock
02 Park and Dome of the Rock 03 Arched colonnade 04 Dome of the Rock with golden cupola 05 Windows with decorated tiles 06 Facade detail with Islamic patterns
07 Facade detail with Islamic patterns 08 Facade detail with Islamic patterns 09 Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount
10 Dome of the Rock and plaza 11 Detail of golden cupola 12 Arabic inscriptions on tiles 13 Windows with decorated tiles
14 Facade detail with Islamic patterns 15 Qait Bei fountain 16 Qait Bei fountain 17 Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount 18 Facade detail with Islamic patterns 19 Entrance to Dome of the Rock
20 Entrance to Dome of the Rock 21 Qait Bei fountain and Dome of the Rock 22 Dome of the rock 01 Facade and entrance
02 Cupola with cross 03 Lamps 04 Pilgrims praying at stone of unction 05 Lamps
06 Mosaic on wall 07 Arched roof with mosaics 08 Mosaic on wall 09 Altar 10 Altar
11 Arched corridor to Rotunda 12 Balustrade and cupola of the Catholicon 13 Cupola of the Catholicon 14 Door 15 Cupola of the Rotunda
16 Cupola of the Rotunda 17 Pilgrims queuing up at aedicule on the site of the tomb of Christ 18 Cupola of the Catholicon 19 Cupola of the Catholicon 20 Catholicon
21 Matthew the Evangelist mosaic 22 Catholicon 23 Eagle bas-relief 24 Staircase to Inventio Crucis chapel 25 Ground mosaics in Inventio Crucis chapel
26 Golgotha rock 01 Plaza and western wall 02 Tourists and pilgrims along wall 03 Plaza and western wall
04 Plaza and western wall 05 Orthodox jews 06 Western wall and pilgrims
07 Plaza and western wall 08 Plaza and western wall 09 Western wall and pilgrims 10 Plaza and western wall
11 Jews praying along wall 12 Jews praying along wall 13 Wall stones and cracks 14 Jews praying along wall 15 Jews praying along wall
16 Wall stones and cracks 17 Plaza and western wall 18 Plaza and western wall 19 Plaza and western wall
20 Jews praying along wall 21 Jews praying along wall 01 View of city walls 02 Along the western city wall 03 Orthodox jew walking along city wall
04 City wall, citadel and tower of David 05 Jaffa gate 06 Jaffa gate 07 Jaffa gate 08 Near the Jaffa gate
09 Orthodox jewish family 10 Damascus gate and market 11 Old man climbing staircase along city wall 12 Inside the city walls 13 Inside the city walls
01 Mount of Olives and Jewish cemetery 02 Russian orthodox church of Maria Magdalene 03 Church of all nations 04 Mosaic on facade of church of all nations
05 Ancient Jewish cemetery 06 Russian orthodox church of Maria Magdalene 07 Ancient Jewish cemetery
08 Ancient Jewish cemetery 09 Ancient Jewish cemetery 10 Ancient Jewish cemetery
11 Ancient Jewish cemetery 12 Russian orthodox church of Maria Magdalene 01 Street intersection 02 Meir Sherman garden
03 Fuchsberg centre an Agron street 04 Talbiya neighbourhood 05 Russian church 06 City hall on Safra square
07 Israeli flags on Safra square 08 Pastries in bakery 09 Modern Jerusalem 10 Mamila centre
01 Ghawanima minaret and Dome of the Rock 02 Ghawanima minaret, Western Wall and Dome of the Rock 03 Ghawanima minaret, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque
04 Israeli flags on roofs 05 Rockefeller archaeological museum 06 Jerusalem skyline
07 View of Jerusalem and Dome of the Rock 08 Panoramic view of Jerusalem and Jewish cemetery 09 Armenian cemetery 10 Hagia Maria Sion abbey
11 Hagia Maria Sion abbey bell tower 12 Hagia Maria Sion abbey 13 Israeli soldiers during lunch break 14 Southern wall and Mount of Olives
15 Ghawanima minaret and Dome of the Rock
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