The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also called the Church of the Resurrection is a Christian church in the old city of Jerusalem. The church was initially built in 325 on the site of an older temple of Aphrodite and was destroyed and rebuilt several times during the centuries. The church is supposedly built on the site of the death and resurrection of Jesus and is an important pilgrimage destination. Inside the church visitors can access the site of the tomb of Christ. Lower in the church people can walk to the Golgotha rock.
01 Facade and entrance 02 Cupola with cross 03 Lamps 04 Pilgrims praying at stone of unction
05 Lamps 06 Mosaic on wall 07 Arched roof with mosaics 08 Mosaic on wall 09 Altar
10 Altar 11 Arched corridor to Rotunda 12 Balustrade and cupola of the Catholicon 13 Cupola of the Catholicon 14 Door
15 Cupola of the Rotunda 16 Cupola of the Rotunda 17 Pilgrims queuing up at aedicule on the site of the tomb of Christ 18 Cupola of the Catholicon 19 Cupola of the Catholicon
20 Catholicon 21 Matthew the Evangelist mosaic 22 Catholicon 23 Eagle bas-relief 24 Staircase to Inventio Crucis chapel
25 Ground mosaics in Inventio Crucis chapel 26 Golgotha rock
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