The Golestan Palace is part of a group of buildings that were once part of the Tehran citadel (known as Arg), built in the 16th century. When Agha Mohamd Khan Qajar chose Tehran as the capital of his kingdom in the 18th century, he made the Golestan palace the official residence of the royal family. The Golestan palace underwent a number of restaurations and modifications and is nowadays an art museum. Since most historic buildings in Tehran were destroyed under the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Golestan palace is one of the few remaining old buildings in Tehran.
01 Pond and main hall 02 Decorated lamp 03 Facade with ornamental windows 04 Facade with ornamental windows 05 Facade with ornamental windows
06 Pond and facade 07 Throne 08 Throne detail 09 Decorated French door 10 Colourful pattern on tiles 11 Arch and pillars
12 Colourful pattern on tiles 13 Inner court and building facade 14 Arch with lion pattern 15 Building facade 16 Pillars and ornamental door 17 Ornamental glass door
18 Palace facade
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