The Nasir Ol Molk mosque, also known as Nasir al-Mulk, is a beautiful and very photogenic mosque in central Shiraz. It was commissioned by Mirza Hasan Ali Nasir al Molk, a Qajar dynasty ruler, and built between 1876 and 1888. The mosque has an earthquake-proof design, which is based on pieces of wood interspersed with brick to provide shock-absorption capabilities. The mosque is beautifully decorated and its highlight is the winter prayer hall which has windows of stained glass which project a coloured line pattern on the carpeted hall with carved pillars and polychrome faience.
01 Minaret 02 Facade detail with window 03 Reflections in the pond 04 Decorated walls 05 Decorated walls
06 Vaulted iwan 07 Winter prayer hall 08 Winter prayer hall 09 Winter prayer hall
10 Winter prayer hall 11 Stained glass windows in winter prayer hall 12 Stained glass windows in winter prayer hall 13 Winter prayer hall
14 Winter prayer hall 15 Stained glass windows in winter prayer hall 16 Winter prayer hall 17 Tourist with tour guide 18 Winter prayer hall
19 Winter prayer hall 20 Winter prayer hall 21 Hall with arched ceiling 22 Hall with arched ceiling 23 Well in the basement 24 Hall with arched ceiling
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