Qom (Ghom) is located at the edge of the Kavir-e-markazi desert, 125km south of Tehran and 230 north of Isfahan. The city is major Shia religious centre in Iran and is considered the second holiest city in Iran after Mashhad. Qom is home to the Hazrat-e-Masoumeh shrine (aka Fatima Masumeh shrine), a huge complex with beautiful decorations, golden domes and minarets. Qom has 1.1 million inhabitants and is a regional industrial centre.
01 First inner court and iwan 02 First inner court 03 Fountain 04 Inner court with fountain 05 Minaret 06 Imam and pilgrim
07 Women in black chador 08 Women in black chador 09 Imam 10 Gold green iwan 11 Golden roof
12 Golden roof on iwan 13 Golden roof 14 Second inner court 15 Blue iwan
16 Second inner court 17 Second inner court 18 Golden dome and minarets
19 Minarets 20 Golden dome and minaret 21 Minarets 22 Minaret 23 Islamic patterns 24 Exit
25 Fatima Masumeh shrine at dusk 26 Men entrance at dusk 27 Men entrance 28 View of shrine from Astane square 29 View of shrine from Astane square
30 Fatima Masumeh shrine at dusk 01 Road Kashan to Qom 02 Minarets of Imam Hassan mosque 03 Minaret of Imam Hassan mosque 04 Imam Hassan mosque
05 Astane square 06 Imam Hassan mosque 07 Shop on Astane square 08 Astane square
09 Imam Hassan mosque 10 Imam Hassan mosque 11 Dried fruits shop 12 Dried fruits shop 13 Dates and honey shop
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