The roads in Qeshm are to a large extent paved. However the side roads which connect a number of tourist attractions to the main roads are often not paved, thereby requiring a 4WD car or another car with off-road capabilities. Along the northern coast of Qeshm, near Laft, there is a shipyard where traditional wooden dhows (transportation boats) are still being built. Laft is a pleasant city with a skyline consisting of many windcatcher towers (used to cool down houses in the summer).
01 4WD car on road 02 Paved road 03 Unpaved road 04 Cyclists in the desert
05 Cyclists in the desert 06 Rock formations 07 Rock formations
08 Wooden boat under construction 09 Shipyard 10 Wooden boat under construction 11 Boat in shipyard
12 Shipyard 13 Flame in petrochemical plant
14 Ancient wall in Laft 15 Staircase in Laft 16 Staircase in Laft
17 Muslim cemetery in Laft 18 Muslim cemetery in Laft
19 Panoramic view of Laft
20 Windcatcher towers in Laft
21 Boats in Laft harbour at sunset 22 Water wells in Laft 23 Broken boat
24 Stranded oil rig 25 Bandar Abbas airport
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