Located in the northeastern Iranian desert, Mashhad is a clean and well organised city with a good infrastructure. The railway station and the international airport are only a few km away from the city centre around the Imam Reza shrine. A metro system has recently been put into operation and is still being expanded (completion expected by 2014). In and around Mashhad there are a large number of parks.
01 View of shrine 02 Panoramic view of Mashhad
03 Panoramic view of Mashhad 04 Panoramic view of Mashhad
05 Panoramic view of Mashhad 06 Dah e Dey square 07 Imam Khomeini street 08 Shop on Imam Khomeini street
09 Imam Khomeini street 10 Men wearing dishdasha crossing the street 11 Pavement 12 Shop on Imam Khomeini street 13 Women with black hijab
14 Fountain with red water on Moqaddas square 15 Shops near shrine 16 Dried fruits shop at night 17 Alley near shrine 18 Shopping centre at night
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