Kish is an Iranian island in the Persian gulf 16km long and 8km at its widest point. It's only 20km off the Iranian coast, but primarily accessible by plane from Iran or the UAE, as the ferry connections to the Irnian mainland are not easily available to non-Iranians. Kish has a special visa-free status, allowing visitors from the UAE to visit the island without an Iranian visa. Kish is relatively flat and is surrounded by beautiful white coral sand beaches and turquoise waters. The island has been developed for a long time as a tourist destination and has a pretty good tourist infrastructure. However due to restrictions from the Islamic faith, men and women are not allowed to be together on the same beach and women must be dressed appropriately in public places. Kish has a number of good quality hotels and attracts a large number of tourists, most of whom are Iranian nationals. Besides the beaches Kish has a few tourist attractions, one of them being the ancient Harireh town, where there are ruins of 800 year old buildings.
01 Eastern beach 02 Eastern beach and pier
03 Men beach 04 Men beach
05 Grand recreational pier 06 Darya beach 07 Boats on Darya beach 08 Eastern beach
09 Beach doll statue 10 Iranian women with black chador on beach 11 Greek ship
12 Greek ship viewpoint at sunset 13 Pier 14 Watersports
15 Eastern beach 16 Eastern beach 17 Eastern beach and hall 18 Iranian tourists
19 Iranian women 20 Ferry to Bandar Charak 21 Wooden ships 22 Ferry to Bandar Charak
23 Bandar Charak harbour 01 Shopping mall 02 Building
03 Kish skyline 04 Ostrich 05 Iranian couple
06 Iranian pizza 07 Windcatcher towers 08 Big tree in Harireh 09 Gyrocopter
10 Ancient town of Harireh 11 Colonnade in Harireh 12 Colonnade in Harireh
13 Harireh ancient town 14 Iran boulevard 15 Flamingo hotel 16 Flamingo hotel
17 Alcohol-free beer 18 Bronze bust 19 Bronze busts 20 Kish Trade Center shopping mall
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