Kashan is a small oasis city in central Iran lying 180 km south of Tehran on the edges of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. The area has been settled since at least the 4th millenium BC and was one of the main centres of civilisation in pre-historic ages. Kashan is believed to be the origin of the Three Wise Men, the Biblical Magi, who followed the star to Betlehem. Kashan has been destroyed twice by invading armies and was leveled in 1778 by a major earthquake. Kashan receives relatively few tourists. The main attractions are the traditional houses, mansions built by wealthy people during the Qajar era in the 19th century. Examples of these houses are the Abbasi, Ameriha and Tabatabei traditional houses.
01 Tabatabei house 02 Inner courtyard with fountain pool 03 Tabatabei house 04 Tabatabei house
05 Inner courtyard with fountain pool 06 Inner courtyard with fountain pool 07 Inner courtyard with fountain pool 08 Inner courtyard with fountain pool
09 Stucco decorations on Tabatabei house 10 Tabatabei house 11 Inner courtyard 12 Stained glass windows room
13 Stained glass windows room 14 Stained glass windows room 15 Stained glass windows room 16 Stained glass windows room
17 Stained glass windows room 18 Decorated wall 19 Ceiling with Islamic patterns 20 Ceiling with Islamic patterns 21 Inner courtyard with circular open roof
22 Circular open roof 23 Circular open roof 24 Magnificent wall decorations 25 Magnificent wall decorations 26 Inner courtyard with water pond
27 Circular open roof 28 Circular open roof 29 Inner courtyard with water pond 30 Roof with Islamic patterns 31 Room with open roof
32 Inner courtyard with fountain pool 01 Red corridor 02 Inner courtyard 03 Decorated windows 04 Inner courtyard
05 Inner courtyard 06 Wall decorations 07 Decorated windows 08 Iwan 09 Iwan
10 Ceiling with Islamic patterns 11 Decorated windows 12 Roof with octagonal pattern 13 Iwan ceiling 14 Ceiling with Islamic patterns
15 Iwan ceiling 16 Iranian cafe 17 Inner court with pool 18 Pavilion 19 Stained glass windows
01 Inner courtyard with pool 02 Ameriha traditional house 03 Iwan 04 Iwan ceiling 05 Iwan ceiling
06 Room with stained glass windows 07 Inner courtyard with pool 08 Pomegranates 09 Pomegranate tree 10 Pomegranate tree
01 Ceiling with star pattern 02 Resting benches 03 Amir Ahmad historical bath 04 Corridor 05 Corridor 06 Carpet snd decorated walls
07 Amir Ahmad historical bath 08 Amir Ahmad historical bath 09 Amir Ahmad historical bath 10 Room with water pool 11 Amir Ahmad historical bath
12 Corridor 13 Room with water pool 14 Roof with cupolas 15 Roof with cupolas
16 Kashan view from Amir Ahmad bathhouse 17 Amir Ahmad historical bath 18 Central bathroom
19 Bath room 20 Roof with cupolas 21 Roof with cupolas 01 Mosque minaret 02 Mosque
03 Mosque 04 Can of Iranian Pepsi Cola 05 Old city walls 06 Old city walls
07 Old city walls 08 Old city walls
09 Fin gardens 10 Motorway Isfahan to Kashan 11 Driver on the Isfahan-Kashan motorway 12 Agha Bozorg mosque
13 Agha Bozorg mosque at dusk 14 Iranian child 01 Fin garden 02 Fin garden 03 Central pond
04 Pavilion 05 Central pond 06 Fountains 07 Cypress trees 08 Cypress trees
09 Lawn
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