The Jame mosque is the largest and most mysterious mosque in the Islamic world. Construction of this mosque started in 771 AD and continued until the end of the 20th century. The mosque is built in the four-iwan architectural style, with four gates facing each other along a large inner court. Inside the mosque there are impressive brick wall structures. Of these the hypostyle hall is very interesting and has brick vaults built in different shapes and patterns. The Grand Bazaar of Isfahan clies near the southeast wing of the mosque.
01 Iwan with towers 02 Soffit with mosaics 03 Soffit with mosaics 04 Vaulted halls along inner court 05 Squinch connecting dome with square base 06 Islamic inscriptions above mihrab
07 Decorated stucco mihrab 08 Columns and vaults in the hypostyle area 09 Brick vault of hypostyle area 10 Open brick vault 11 Columns and vaults in the hypostyle area
12 Jame mosque 13 Entrance 14 Hypostyle hall 15 Hypostyle hall
16 Room with alabaster roof windows 17 Iwan 18 Inner court 19 Iwan with minarets 20 Islamic patterns
21 Iwan 22 Octagonal hall 23 Octagonal hall 24 Pool and iwan
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