Around Yazd there are a number of cities, villages and sights which can be visited on a daytrip by chartering a car and doing a loop. Typically a good starting point is a stop in Meybod, a lively mud-brick town 52km north of Yazd and a former capital of Persia with a number of interesting sights. The Zoroastrian site of Chak Chak lies deep in the desert, nested in a mountain cliff. Here a Zoroastrian fire temple was built around a natural water well. Hamaneh is a small desert village next to a water well, specialising in the cultivation of walnut trees. Further along the road lies the almost deserted village of Kharanaq, where the ruins of a mud brick castle and a renovated caravanserai are located. The historic town of Abarqu lies on the road between Yazd and Shiraz, 200km southwest of Yazd, and has a number of attractions.
01 Narin castle round mud brick tower 02 Narin castle 03 Narin castle main gate 04 Narin castle main gate 05 Panoramic view of Meybod
06 Narin castle 07 Narin castle
08 Panoramic view of Meybod 09 Narin castle ruins 10 Narin castle mud brick walls
11 Narin castle tower 12 Staircase in Narin castle 13 View of Meybod through Narin castle window 14 Wind tower 15 Wind tower
16 Old post office 17 Old post office 18 Ice house
19 Ice house 20 Ice house 01 Ice house 02 Inside the ice house
03 Ice house entrance 04 Ice house 05 Ice house 06 4000 years old cypress tree 07 4000 years old cypress tree
08 4000 years old cypress tree 09 4000 years old cypress tree 10 4000 years old cypress tree 11 4000 years old cypress tree
12 Mud brick houses 13 Mud brick houses
01 Cliffs around Chak Chak 02 Pir-e Sabz Zoroastrian fire temple 03 Pir-e Sabz Zoroastrian fire temple 04 Lizard
05 Brass door 06 Inside the fire temple 07 Inside the fire temple 08 Ash container 09 Ash container 10 Eternal fire
11 Eternal fire 12 Zoroastrian symbol 13 Zoroastrian symbol 14 Wood burning container
15 Brass door 01 Hamaneh village 02 Water well 03 Water well 04 Staircase
05 Mud brick tower 06 Alley and staircase 07 Walnut tree 08 Walnut tree
09 Panoramic view of Hamaneh
01 Castle 02 Castle passage 03 Narrow alley between mud brick walls in the castle 04 Castle
05 View of castle and valley 06 Mud brick castle ruins 07 Shaking minaret 08 Shaking minaret
09 View from above of the castle ruins 10 View of castle and valley 11 Castle ruins
12 Castle ruins 13 Caravanserai
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