The historic city of Meybod lies 52km north of Yazd and contains the ruins of the Narin castle, a pre-Islamic mud brick structure, the oldest in Iran. The castle is located on a hill overlooking Meybod and was undergoing restoration at the time of visit. The earliest structures upon which the castle is built date back to the 3rd millenium BC. Other sights in Meybod include an ice house, used to store ice for use during the year, a restorated 300 year old post house and a wind tower.
01 Narin castle round mud brick tower 02 Narin castle 03 Narin castle main gate 04 Narin castle main gate 05 Panoramic view of Meybod
06 Narin castle 07 Narin castle
08 Panoramic view of Meybod 09 Narin castle ruins 10 Narin castle mud brick walls
11 Narin castle tower 12 Staircase in Narin castle 13 View of Meybod through Narin castle window 14 Wind tower 15 Wind tower
16 Old post office 17 Old post office 18 Ice house
19 Ice house 20 Ice house
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