Raja Ampat is an archipelago of over 1500 islands located at the western end of New Guinea around the four major islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. The archipelage covers and area of 70000 kmĀ² and has a population of 50000 inhabitants. The islands consist primarily of karst rock and are heavily forested, almost down to seawater level. There are relatively few beaches and the coastline mostly consists of steep rocks falling straight into the sea. The scenery is very nice, because of the large number of small islands and islets emerging out of the blue sea.
The waters around the Raja Ampat islands are very rich in wildlife. The region contains more than 600 species of hard corals and more than 1700 species of reef fish, making it the region with the richest biodiversity in the world.
Tourists visit Raja Ampat because of its reefs with the rich marine life and the beauty of its scenery.
How to get to Raja Ampat
The primary access point is the city of Sorong, which has an airport with direct flights to Jakarta and other Indonesian cities. From there, there are ferries to Waisai on Waigeo island.
There are a few, relatively expensive hotels and resorts and a multitude of cheaper homestay and beach hut places with very basic infrastructure.
01 Jetty 02 Bay 03 Mangroves 04 Plankway 05 Sea rocks at low tide
06 Wooden staircase to viewpoint 07 Wooden staircase to viewpoint 08 View of bays and islets from viewpoint
09 Panoramic view of islands 10 Bay 11 View of bays and islets from viewpoint
12 Bay 13 Rainforest 14 Rainforest 15 Rainforest 16 Shops near jetty
17 Jetty 18 Sea stack 19 View of bays and islets from viewpoint
20 Panoramic view of islands 21 Pianemo island 22 Rocks and bays 23 Rocks and bays
24 Panoramic view of islands 25 Coral bay 26 Bay 27 Coral bay
28 Coral bay 29 Rock path to viewpoint 30 Rock path to viewpoint
01 Waigeo bay
02 Doberai Eco resort 03 Doberai Eco resort
04 Forest-covered islet 05 Forest-covered islet 06 Rainforest on Gam island 07 Rainforest on Gam island 08 Rainforest on Gam island
09 Rainforest on Gam island 10 Rainforest on Gam island 11 Rainforest on Gam island 12 Rainforest on Gam island
13 Beach on Mansuar island 14 Mansuar island 15 Mansuar island jetty 16 Mansuar island
17 Mansuar island 18 Kri island
19 Mansuar island jetty 20 Kri island sand strip
21 Kri island homestay 22 Kri island village 23 Kri island
24 Kri island
25 Kri island
26 Kri and Mansuar islands 27 Kri island
28 Kri and Mansuar islands 01 People on Waigeo ferry
02 Ferry in Waisai harbour 03 Boar
04 Waigeo resort jetty 05 Waigeo resort jetty 06 Three men in Waisai 07 Agung Waisai mosque
08 Beach street 09 Beach street 10 Gate to Waisai beach 11 Boats on Waisai river 12 Waisai river
13 Waisai river 14 Boats on Waisai river 15 Waisai food market 16 Waisai food market 17 Waisai food market
18 Waisai tourist boat harbour 19 Coastal road 20 Ferry in Waisai harbour 21 Ferries in Waisai harbour
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