Waigeo is a large island of 3155 kmĀ², measuring 110km from east to west and 50km from north to south, located at the northern end of the Raja Ampat archipelago. The main urban centre of Waigeo is the city of Waisai. Here is where the ferry from Sorong arrives. There are a a number of resorts around the coast of Waigeo, but otherwise there is not much tourist infrastructure. The island is densely forested and mountainous. The highest point is the Gunung Nok peak (958m).
01 People on Waigeo ferry 02 Ferry in Waisai harbour 03 Boar
04 Waigeo resort jetty 05 Waigeo resort jetty 06 Three men in Waisai 07 Agung Waisai mosque
08 Beach street 09 Beach street 10 Gate to Waisai beach 11 Boats on Waisai river 12 Waisai river
13 Waisai river 14 Boats on Waisai river 15 Waisai food market 16 Waisai food market 17 Waisai food market
18 Waisai tourist boat harbour 19 Coastal road 20 Ferry in Waisai harbour 21 Ferries in Waisai harbour
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