These are some photos of a funeral ceremony held in the Bangkelekila village, 10km north of Rantepao. At the time of visiting, the central square of the village had been set up and decorated as the gathering place. Pigs and buffaloes were there, ready to be slaughtered and eaten by the visitors. People, all wearing traditional attire, were arriving at that time.
01 Water buffaloes 02 Bangkelekila village 03 Bangkelekila village 04 Tied pig
05 Central square with animals 06 Tied pigs 07 Central square with pigs
08 Men in traditional clothes 09 Children 10 Tied pig 11 Drum decorations 12 People in traditional clothing
13 Women in traditional dress walking in 14 Decorated structure 15 Funeral visitors 16 Group of girls 17 Buffaloes and pigs
18 Young woman with make-up 19 Girl grimace 20 Girl in traditional dress 21 Old men 22 Old men
23 Old men 24 Funeral visitors 25 Men cutting pig meat 26 Men cutting pig meat
27 Young man holding buffalo 28 Cooking pork meat in bamboo
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