About 170km northeast of Kupang and 30km northeast of Kefa lies Tamkesi (also known as Temkessi), a small village in the mountains of West Timor at 820m of altitude. Practically all huts are built in traditional style (round with conical, tree leaves roofs), in an impressive setting on a rocky hill embedded with sharp rocks. The village is simply beautiful. Due to its remoteness (access is only possible via a dirt road and it is very far away from Kupang), the village receives very few visitors. Tamkesi has very few inhabitants, mostly old people. While there I only saw one child.
01 Horses 02 Forest path 03 Tamkesi
04 Panoramic view of Tamkesi 05 House roofs 06 Conical hut
07 Huts 08 Huts and rocky walls
09 Tree leaves roof 10 Huts 11 Tree leaves roof 12 Tamkesi
13 Conical hut 14 Traditional huts 15 Huts 16 Huts
17 Tamkesi village 18 Tamkesi
19 Huts in the forest 20 Huts 21 Path and staircase
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