The traditional village of None lies in the mountains in the interior of West Timor at 785m of altitude, 18km east of Soe. There are a number of round, beehive huts in the rock fort, a circular area surrounded by a wall of stones which in the past provided protection to the villagers. Until two generations ago these engaged in headhunting. Nowadays the villages live in modern huts located outside the rock fort and welcome tourists who come to visit the place. The village chief dresses up for the occasion as a headhunter.
01 Village entrance 02 Village entrance 03 Hut 04 Beehive huts
05 Hut 06 Village chief 07 Tree leaves roof 08 Girls 09 Village chief
10 Rocky outpost 11 Headhunter 12 Village chief 13 Weaved cloth 14 Village chief
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