Along the southern coast of West Timor there are a number of beaches, of which most are empty, without visitors of tourist facilities. One of the nicest is Kolbano beach, which consists of a long stretch of beach covered with coloured pebble stones on a sandy underground. Since there are few rivers flowing into the sea, the seawater is very clear and blue. There is a lack of tourist facilities (hotels, restaurants) in the area. Right behind the southern coast there is a mountain range which runs parallel to the coast and quickly climbs to 700-800m of altitude.
01 Gazebo 02 Kolbano beach 03 Kolbano beach 04 Rock on Kolbano beach
05 Seawater in Kolbano beach 06 Kolbano beach 07 Kolbano beach 08 Pebble stones
09 Pebble stones 10 Kolbano beach 11 Kolbano beach 12 Boat on Kolbano beach
13 Kolbano beach 14 Kolbano beach
15 Coastal road 16 Coastal road 17 Coastal road 18 Timor southern coast
19 Timor southern coast 20 Damaged road
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