All over Sumba people live in houses built in traditional Sumbanese style with thatched roofs, peaking in the middle to the sky. These houses are still being built nowadays with traditional materials. The villages are alive, meaning that local people do not abandon these villages to live in the cities. This is quite impressive and shows the importance of traditions and local culture on Sumba. Prainggoli and Wuntalaka are small villages located along the southern coast, while Tarung is a pretty large settlement with houses built in traditional Sumbanese style near Waikabukak. The Manuakalada village lies in northern Sumba.
01 Prainggoli 02 Stele in Prainggoli 03 Prainggoli 04 Prainggoli village
05 Prainggoli 06 House roof in Prainggoli 07 Prainggoli 08 Prainggoli
09 Wuntalaka 10 Wuntalaka
11 Wuntalaka
12 Traditional Sumbanese houses in Wuntalaka 13 Wuntalaka
14 Wuntalaka 15 Wuntalaka
16 Tarung village 17 Tarung
18 Sumbanese houses in Tarung 19 Stele and monument in Gailbakul 20 Manuakalada village
21 Sumbanese houses in Manuakalada 22 Manuakalada
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