Around Sumba there are a few good beaches, most of the located along the southern coast. The nicest is the Marosi beach on the southern coast, a long sandy beach with crystal clear water. The only drawback in the lack of shadow on the beach, as there are no trees or other structures and the complete lack of tourist infrastructure. Most beaches are surrounded by coral formations.
01 Pero beach 02 Rocky coast near Pero beach 03 Rocky coast near Pero beach
04 Pero beach 05 Pero beach
06 Pero beach 07 Marosi beach 08 Marosi beach
09 Marosi beach 10 Marosi beach
11 Marosi beach 12 Marosi beach 13 Marosi beach 14 Sea near Marosi beach
15 Marosi beach 16 Marosi beach 17 Marosi beach
18 Kerewei beach 19 Kerewei beach 20 Palm trees in Kerewei beach
21 Kerewei beach 22 Surf in Kerewei beach
23 Karendi beach 24 Karendi beach 25 Karendi beach
26 People walking on Karendi beach 27 Karendi beach 28 Karendi beach
29 People collecting seafood off Karendi beach
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