Sabolan (or Sebolon) is a small island located about 15 km to the north of Labuan Bajo. The egg-shaped island has a nice long beach along its southern coast, but is otherwise uninhabited. There are no rourist facilities whatsoever on Sabolan, but the island is accessible for tourists with day trips from Labuan Bajo. The southern beach has crystal clear seawater and offers very little shadow (no big trees or coconut palms on the island).
01 Sabolan 02 Sabolan island pier 03 Boulders 04 Boulders
05 Hill and meadow 06 Sand beach
07 Crystal clear sea water 08 Sabolan island
09 Crystal clear sea water
10 Shallow sea water
11 Beach
12 Beach
13 Panorama view of sea
14 Sabolan beach
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