All over Flores there are bamboo forests, with plants reaching heights of over 30 metres. The Malanage hot springs is near Gunung Inerie south of Bajawa. Here, hot water from an underground spring mixes with the water of a small river and flows further down the hills. There are a number of pools where visitors can rest and take a bath. Facilities are quite basic, but there is no entrance fee. Mt Kelimutu is a volcano with an altitude of 1650m located in eastern Flores, between Ende and Maumere. Near the summit there are three crater lakes whose water changes colour over time. Mt Kelimutu lies in the homonymous national park (entrance fee: 150000 IDR).
01 Christian church 02 Passion fruit juice 03 Bamboo 04 Bamboo forest
05 Malanage hot springs 06 Malanage hot springs 07 Malanage hot springs 08 Malanage hot springs
09 Malanage hot springs 10 Malanage hot springs 11 Malanage hot springs
12 Remote village
13 Kelimutu parking area 14 Mt Kelimutu 15 Staircase to Mt Kelimutu summit
16 Mt Kelimutu summit
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