Tidore is a small island in Indonesia's northern Maluku province with a surface 116 kmĀ². It lies 2km south of Ternate and a few km west of Halmahera island. Tidore is a volcanic island and its highest peak is the Kie Matubu volcano (1730m of altitude). The island doesn't have many beaches and the few ones have black, volcanic sand. Tidore was home to a former powerful sultanate. At the peak of its power in the 16th century Tidore was controlling the islands of Halmahera, Buru, Ambon and the western part of New Guinea. Tidore maintained its independence for a long time and was only incorporated into the Dutch East Indies empire in 1779.
Nowadays Tidore is a pleasant island with some historic places all located on the southeastern coast, not far from the capital Soasio. These include Benteng Tahula, a 17th century Spanish fort, the Tore fort and the sultan's palace which now has been converted into a museum.
How to get to Tidore
Tidore can be reached by boat from Ternate. The nearest airport is the one in Ternate.
There is not much accomodation in Tidore. Most hotels are in nearby Ternate.
01 Benteng Tahula fort 02 Benteng Tahula fort 03 Staircase to Tahula fort 04 Tahula fort
05 Benteng Tahula fort 06 View of Soasio from Tahula fort
07 Benteng Tahula fort 08 Tahula fort 09 Benteng Tahula fort
10 View of Soasio from Tahula fort 11 Soasio 12 Soasio 13 Sultan palace
14 Sultan palace 15 Sultan palace 16 Sultan palace flags 17 Sultan palace throne
18 Sultan palace throne 19 Sultan palace flags 20 Sultan palace main hall 21 Sultan palace main hall
22 Sultan palace 23 Sultan palace dining room 24 Sultan palace chairs and table 25 Staircase to Torre fort
26 Lava stones in Torre fort 27 Torre fort 28 Crown of thorns red flowers 29 Crown of thorns red flowers
30 Tore fort 31 Benteng Torre fort 32 Torre fort
33 Kie Matubu volcano 34 Lava stones in Tore fort 35 Torre fort
36 Akesahu beach 37 Mangroves 38 Waterfront in Rum
39 Pier 40 Maitara island and volcano
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