Bandung is a large city of 2.5 million inhabitants in Java (Indonesia), located about 120km southeast of Jakarta at an altitude of 750-800m asl. The city lies in a plain surrounded by mountains, which are up to 2400m high. Due to its altitude Bandung has a more pleasant climate than many Indonesian cities. There is not that much to see in Bandung, but the city is a pleasant place to visit and the surroundings are interesting. Several factory outlet stores in Bandung offer heavily discounted designer clothes. Bandung is connected by a train line with Jakarta and Surabaya and has an international airport.
01 Train station parking 02 Train station
03 Train station 04 Museum Geologi 05 Museum Geologi 06 Trees and garden
07 Trees and garden 08 Pleistocene water buffalo 09 Water buffalo skull
10 Diponegoro street and Gedung Sate building 11 Gedung Sate building 12 Gedung Sate building
13 Gedung Sate building and flowerbeds 14 Street in Bandung 15 Greenery and flowers 16 White flowers
17 Rumah Mode factory outlet 18 Rumah Mode factory outlet 19 Alley
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