What is left of the old colonial town of Batavia (as Jakarta was called during the colonial period) is located around Taman Fatahillah square and is referred to as Kota. The Stadhuis (Dutch townhall), built in 1627, was the seat of the governor general of the Dutch East Indies company. Nowadays the Stadhuis hosts the Jakarta history museum. About 10 minutes north of Taman Fatahillah square lies the old harbour of Sunda Kelapa, where colourful schooner sailing boats are anchored.
01 Stadhuis town hall 02 Stadhuis town hall 03 Colourful bicycles and hats 04 Stadhuis town hall 05 Old house
06 Children in a bemo 07 Mandiri museum 08 Taman Fatahillah square 09 Twin towers
10 Kali Besar channel 11 Schooner boats in Sunda Kelapa harbour 12 Schooner boats in Sunda Kelapa harbour 13 Schooner boats in Sunda Kelapa harbour 14 Kali Besar channel
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