Qutub Minar, also spelled as Qutb Minar, is a 73m tall minaret located in a large compound, the Qutb complex, in Delhi. Construction of Qutub Minar started in 1199. Initially one storey was completed, and later more were added. The Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque was also built at the same time in the compound, but nowadays only ruins of it are left. The Qutub complex includes a number of other structures, such as the Alai Minar and the Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa. Qutub Minar has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993.
01 Rickshaw 02 Entrance and ticket counter 03 Qutub Minar minaret 04 Quwwat ul Islam mosque
05 Quwwat ul Islam mosque 06 Qutub Minar complex 07 Qutub Minar complex
08 Cloister columns at Quwwat ul-Islam mosque 09 Quwwat ul Islam mosque 10 Alai Minar 11 Alai Minar 12 Alai Minar
13 Tomb of Iltutmish 14 Qutub Minar minaret 15 Qutub Minar minaret 16 Indian palm squirrel 17 Indian myna bird
18 Mosque ruins 19 Mosque ruins 20 Qutub Minar minaret 21 Qutub Minar minaret
22 Meadow 23 Qutub MInar compound 24 Ruins
25 Qutub Minar minaret 26 Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa 27 Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa 28 Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa 29 Qutub Minar and Alai Darwaza
30 Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa 31 Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa 32 Alauddin Khilji tomb and madrasa 33 Qutub Minar minaret 34 Lemon juice seller
35 Lemon juice seller 36 Lemon juice seller 37 Lemon juice seller
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