Sopron (Ă–denburg in German) is city in western Hungary located not far from the border to Austria. Sopron has been settled since ancient times. Hungarians arrived in the area between the 9th and 11th centuries. In 1676 Sopron was destroyed by a fire and subsequently rebuilt in baroque style.
Sopron has a pleasant, oval-shaped historic core with many nice and well-preserved buildings. The firewatch tower is 61m high and contains a history museum. From its top there is a nice panoramic view of Sopron. The fire tower was built on the ruins of the Roman town wall. Nowadays it receives a large number of tourists from Austria and other European countries. Due to its low-cost dental services Sopron is a major centre for people seeking dental treatment.
How to get to Sopron
Sopron has no own airport, but can be reached by motorway or train.
Accommodation options include hotels and pensions, all bookable via the international booking portals.
01 House of Hungarian Culture 02 Sopron lettering 03 Ursulines church 04 Firewatch tower
05 Main square 06 Firewatch tower 07 Main square
08 Main square 09 Goat church interior 10 Main square 11 Statue of Mihaly Thurner
12 Cherry trees on main square 13 Main square 14 House of Hungarian Culture 15 Szechenyi square 16 Istvan Szechenyi statue and Dominican monastery 17 Dominican monastery
18 Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Center 19 Orsolya square and Mary fountain 20 Orsolya square and Mary fountain 21 Ursulines church
22 Main square 23 Main square 24 Firewatch tower 25 Passage through firewatch tower 26 Lutheran church
27 Templom street 28 Historic centre 29 Historic centre 30 Shell petrol station
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