Nowadays only some ruins of the palace and fortification wall are left of the city of Mycenae. Construction began in the 14th century BC with the first wall built of Cyclopean masonry. A new wall was erected to the west and south of the first one a century later together with the Lion Gate and its bastion. Around 1200 BC the citadel was destroyed probably by an earthquake. After that the walls were extended to the northeast in order to include the subterranean well. The site was finally abandoned around 1100 BC after several destructions and fires.
01 Panoramic view of Mycenae 02 Panoramic view of Mycenae 03 The citadel 04 Lion gate
05 Lion gate 06 Lion gate 07 Lion gate 08 Lion gate 09 Grave circle
10 Path to Lion gate 11 Path to Lion gate 12 Palace ruins 13 North quarter buildings
14 Hills and olive trees 15 Hills and olive trees 16 City wall 17 Hill behind city
18 Ruins of temple
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