Delphi was a major centre for worship of the Greek god Apollo and the site of the Delphic oracle, the most important oracle in ancient Greece. In ancient times the site was centered around the Apollo temple and included a number of treasuries, a large theatre and a stadium. Nowadays not much is left of the buildings. These can be accessed by walking on the sacred path, a path leading from the main entrance on the road to the stadium.
01 View of site 02 Road and scenery around site 03 Road and scenery around site 04 Sacred path 05 Ruins and cross
06 Panorama view and sacred path 07 Sacred path below temple of Apollo 08 Theatre 09 Side view of theatre 10 Side view of theatre
11 Theatre 12 Theatre 13 Temple of Apollo 14 Columns in temple of Apollo
15 Columns in temple of Apollo 16 Ionic column fragment in temple of Apollo 17 View of ruins 18 View of ruins
19 Panorama view with Apollo temple 20 View of ruins 21 Stone seating in stadium
22 Stone seating in stadium 23 Stadium 24 Stone seating in stadium
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