The Mycenaean period, whích takes its name from the site of Mycenae in the Peloponnese, is a Bronze Age civilisation which lasted from 1600-1100BC. It is the historical setting of the epics of Homer and other Greek mythology. The Mycenaeans buried their nobles in beehive tombs (tholoi) together with daggers, gold masks, tiaras, armour, and jeweled weapons.
01 Jar and amphora 02 Wine cooler 03 Gold death mask of a man 04 Bronze dagger with gold revetment and lilies decoration
05 Golden Mask of Agamemnon 06 Silver bull rhyton vessel 07 Bronze knives and swords 08 Bronze swords
09 Golden diadems 10 Gold knee plates 11 Golden male death mask 12 Gold calyx
13 Bronze dagger with gold nails for shaft 14 Gold plates covering body 15 Circular gold plates
16 Bronze swords 17 Iron dagger with gold handle 18 Gold diadem 19 Gold female deity figurines
20 Mycenaean lady goddess wall painting 21 Female deities ivory statues 22 Wild boar hunt wall painting 23 Wall painting fragments 24 Gold necklaces
25 Boar tusk helmet 26 Figurines 27 Vapheio gold cup 28   Bronze swords 29 Necklaces
30 Glass plaque necklaces and diadems
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