The beach in Binz extends for several km in the Prora bay on the east coast of Rügen. It's one of the longer beaches on Rügen island and fills up with tourists in the summer. The beach consists of fine sand and can be accessed free of charge. It's possible to rent a Strandkorb ("beach basket"), a characteristic beach chair made out of wowen wood and designed to provide comfort and protection from sun, wind and rain.
01 Path to the beach 02 Binz beach 03 Access to the pier
04 Binz beach 05 Beach 06 Southern beach 07 Southern beach
08 Grand Hotel Kurhaus 09 Beach and Grand Hotel Kurhaus 10 Northern beach
11 Southern beach
12 Southern beach
13 Beach
14 Beach
15 Cap Arkona ferry 16 Binz beach
17 Sand sculpture 18 Binz beach 19 Watching the girls 20 Strandkorb
21 Beach
22 Beach 23 Woman in bikini 24 Cape
25 Women walking on the beach
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