Bremen is a city in northern Germany, located along the Weser river about 60km from its estuary in the North Sea. It is in the centre of the Lower Saxony state, although together with Bremerhaven it forms a separate German state. With 570000 inhabitants Bremen is the 11th largest city of Germany.
The area around Bremen has been settled since 12000 BC, and the city emerged in the 11th century. During the Middle Ages Bremen was a member city of the Hanseatic League, a confederation of towns in northwestern and central Europe, dominating the Baltic maritime trade for three centuries.
Bremen has an attractive historic core, centered on the market square where there are some significant historic structures: the city hall, the cathedral and the Roland statue. From there it's a short walk, crossing the Wallgraben moat park to the central station, a picturesque 19th century building.
How to get to Bremen
Bremen can be reached by railway, road or air (it has its own airport)
There are many few hotels and guesthouses, most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Oberntrasse pedestrian area 02 Market square at dusk
03 City hall at night 04 City hall at night 05 City hall at night 06 City hall at night
07 City hall 08 Bremen cathedral 09 Houses on market square 10 City hall at night 11 City hall at night
12 City hall at night 13 Oberntrasse pedestrian area 14 Oberntrasse pedestrian area 15 Oberntrasse pedestrian area 16 Oberntrasse pedestrian area
17 Buergermeister Smidt street 18 Bremen airport 19 Airport park
20 Chamber of handicrafts 21 Fruit and juice shop 22 Town Musicians of Bremen statue 23 Bremer Landesbank building 24 Central train station 25 Central train station
26 Central train station 27 Central train station 28 Bremen Arena
29 Bremen trade fair
30 Bremen trade fair
31 Bremen trade fair
32 Bremen trade fair 33 Central train station 34 Wallgraben moat park 35 Wallgraben moat park
36 Wallgraben moat park 37 Wind mill in moat park 38 Unser Lieben Frauen Kirchhof square 39 City hall 40 Bremen cathedral
41 Houses on market square 42 Panoramic wheel 43 Bronze statue of knight 44 Roland statue 45 Roland statue 46 Roland statue
47 City hall 48 Waterfront shopping mall 49 Waterfront shopping mall
50 Bremen skyline at dusk 51 Bremen skyline at dusk
52 Bremen skyline at dusk 53 Historic centre of Bremen at night 54 Historic centre of Bremen at night
55 Historic centre of Bremen at night 56 Weser river in Bremen at night 57 Weser river in Bremen at night 58 Houses on market square
59 Market square at dusk 60 Bremen cathedral 61 Bremen cathedral 62 Market square at dusk
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