Berlin is the capital of Germany and with 3.5 million inhabitants its largest city. Berlin is located in the northeast of Germany, about 80km west of the border to Poland in a plain area with many lakes and waterways. The city dares back to the 13th century and became the capital of the Margraviate of Brandenburg in 1417, of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1701 and of the German Empire in 1871. Following the reunification of German Berlin became the capital of Germany in 1990. Although almost completely destroyed during World War II, due to post-war reconstruction efforts Berlin harbours a number of significant historical sights and attracts a large number of tourists every year.
01 Ishtar gate of Babylon 02 Ishtar Processional Way 03 Museum hall 04 Pergamon altar
05 Museum hall 06 Astrolabe 07 Astrolabe 08 French cathedral 09 Friedrichstadtkirche
10 Gendarmenmarkt square 11 Facade of Reichstag 12 Brandenburg gate
13 Reichstag 14 Deutscher Dom
15 Gendarmenmarkt square 16 Berlin cathedral 17 Berlin cathedral
01 Paul Loebe Haus
02 Platz der Republik and Bundeskanzleramt
03 Reichstag 04 Brandenburg gate with quadriga
05 Gendarmenmarkt square 06 Neue Kirche 07 Berlin cathedral
08 Berlin cathedral 09 Altes Museum and Berlin cathedral 01 Bronze bust of Hegel 02 Colonnade
03 TV tower 04 Holocaust memorial 05 Holocaust memorial 06 Holocaust memorial
07 Holocaust memorial 08 Kurfuerstendamm 09 Kurfuerstendamm 10 Kurfuerstendamm
11 Marie Elisabeth Lueders house 12 Hauptbahnhof
13 Spree waterfront 14 Central train station interior 01 Street scene 02 Palace and gardens
03 Schloss Charlottenburg 04 Carp pond
05 Carp pond 06 Carp pond 07 Charlottenburg palace
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