Spitzingsee is the name of a small town in the Bavarian Alps, about 60km south of Munich, on the bank of the homonymous lake. It lies at the centre of a winter sports and mountaineering area, with several lifts, ski slopes and mountains in the 1500-1900m range. Spitzingsee itself lies at an altitude of 1084m.
In winter the lake freezes and is covered by snow until April. During the winter season a number of chair lifts skilifts are operational, with a maximum altitude difference of about 500m. There are ski slopes on both sides of the lake.
The highest mountain in the Spitzingsee area is the Rotwand, whose summit lies at 1886m of altitude. From Spitzingsee it takes about three hours to reach the summit.
How to get to the Spitzingsee
The simplest way is to drive by car from Munich. Alternatively there are buses connecting Spitzingsee with other small towns in the area.
There are some hotels directly on the lake, in Spitzingsee village. It's also possible to stay in Schliersee, a few km north of Spitzingsee.
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