The baroque Schleissheim Palace (German: Schloss Schlei▀heim) actually consists of three palaces (the new palace, the old palace and the Lustheim palace) and a large baroque park in the village of Oberschlei▀heim. Construction of the New Palace was begun under Max Emanuel in 1701-1704 based on designs by Enrico Zuccalli and completed from 1719 by Joseph Effner. The palace park is one of the rare preserved baroque gardens in Germany and was arranged by Dominique Girard, a pupil of Le Notre in 1720.
01 West side facade 02 West side facade 03 Facade detail 04 West side facade
05 West side facade 06 Facade detail 07 Facade detail
08 West side facade 09 Door and windows 10 West side facade 11 West side facade 12 East side view
13 East side view 14 Fountain 15 Fountain 16 Lustheim palace 17 Flowerbed
18 Baroque court garden 19 Baroque court garden 20 Baroque court garden
21 Baroque court garden
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