The city of Regensburg in Bavaria has a very long history, with first settlements being established along the confluence of the Regen and Danube rivers in the Stone Age. The Romans built a fort and the town gradually grew and became the capital of Bavaria between 530 AD and the first half of the 13th century. Nowadays Regensburg is a pleasant town with many historical buildings, among which a cathedral, several churches and a townhall. The old town of Regensburg has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2006.
01 Cafe tables on Bismarck square 02 Dominican church 03 Dreieinigkeit church 04 Neupfarr church 05 St Peter cathedral towers
06 Square with shopping complex and cathedral 07 St Peter cathedral 08 St Peter cathedral facade detail 09 St Peter cathedral facade detail 10 St Peter cathedral facade detail 11 St Peter cathedral interior
12 St Peter cathedral stained glass windows 13 Haid square 14 Old town hall
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