The Ammersee is a large lake with a surface area of 47 km², located 40km southwest of Munich in southern Bavaria. It is at an elevation of 533m and has a maximum depth of 81m. The lake is a tongue basin lake which originated during the glacial period, as glaciers carved a large hole in the ground and later retreated.
The Ammersee nowadays has a good water quality, suitable for swimming, and is also a popular spot for sailing boats. A number of boat services criss cross the lake connecting the eastern and western shore. On a hill overlooking the lake lies the Andechs monastery, which was initially built in 1388 and later received baroque elements between 1669 and 1751. Around the lake there are a number of trails across the forests and fields.
How to get to Ammersee
The Ammersee is a short drive by car from Munich. Is it also possible to reach the lake with public transportation using the S8 S-Bahn to Herrsching.
There are several hotels and pensions in the cities along the lake. Alternatively it is possible to stay in Munich and visit the lake with a day trip.
01 Parking in Andechs 02 Andechs abbey 03 Andechs abbey tower 04 Andechs abbey 05 Andechs abbey altar
06 Andechs abbey altar 07 Andechs abbey vault with frescoes 08 Forest trail near Andechs 09 Forest trail near Andechs 10 Forest trail near Andechs 11 Forest trail near Andechs
12 Meadows and trees 13 Meadows and trees 14 Forest trail near Herrsching 15 Ammersee lake 16 Dandelions
17 Lakeshore in Herrsching 18 Lakeshore in Herrsching 19 Lakeshore in Herrsching
20 Ammersee in Herrsching 21 Ammersee lake 22 Pier in Herrsching
23 Pier in Herrsching 24 Mühlfelder street in Herrsching 25 Mühlfelder street in Herrsching 26 Herrsching 27 Golden St Mary statue
28 St Martin church in Herrsching 29 St Martin church in Herrsching 30 Forest trail near Herrsching 31 Maria Heimsuchung church in Utting 32 Maria Heimsuchung church in Utting 33 Wheat field
34 Wheat field 35 Wheat field 36 Wheat field 37 Dirt track across fields
38 Dirt track across fields 39 Wheat 40 Wheat field 41 Barn in Schondorf 42 Barn in Schondorf
43 Der Schumann cafe restaurant 44 Traditional house in Schondorf 45 Traditional house in Schondorf 46 Sailing boat on Ammersee 47 Ammersee lake
48 Sailing boat on Ammersee 49 Boat house in Schondorf 50 Boat house in Schondorf 51 Ammersee lake 52 Ammersee lake
53 Boats on Ammersee lake 54 People on the Schondorf pier 55 Western lakeshore 56 Trail along western shore 57 Western shore with pier and boats
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