Germany is a central European country extending from the North Sea until the Alps. With an area of 357021 sq km and a population of 82 million inhabitants it is the most populous country in the European Union. While Germany has been inhabited since prehistoric times, its written history dates back to the Roman times, when the Romans made first contact with Germanic tribes living in the area. Over the centuries a number of states and kingdoms have existed in the current territory of Germany, and the country was only unified in the 19th century. Following World War II Germany was split into two states which were unified again in 1990. Germany is a federal republic with the capital in Berlin. A major economic power, Germany has the world's fourth largest economy and is the world's largest exporter of goods. It has a high standard of living and an extensive social security network. Germany holds a key position in European affairs and maintains many close partnerships on a global level. It is a scientific and technological leader in many fields, among them chemicals and environmental technologies.
Munich photo gallery  - 219 pictures of Munich
Bavaria photo gallery  - 703 pictures of Bavaria
Dresden photo gallery  - 104 pictures of Dresden
Bremerhaven photo gallery  - 33 pictures of Bremerhaven
219 photos of this vibrant cosmopolitan town in the south of Bavaria, host of the yearly Oktoberfest beer festival.
703 photos of King Ludwig's castles, medieval Bavarian towns, mountain villages, churches and monasteries, lakes and breathtaking alpine scenery
104 photos of the city of Dresden on the Elbe river with its beautiful historic core
33 photos of Bremerhaven, a city in northern Germany with one of Europe's largest harbours
Lower Saxony photo gallery  - 338 pictures of Lower Saxony
Hamburg photo gallery  - 103 pictures of Hamburg
Lübeck photo gallery  - 32 pictures of Lübeck
Stralsund photo gallery  - 62 pictures of Stralsund
338 photos of the German state of Lower Saxony in northwestern Germany
103 photos of Hamburg, a large city in northern Germany and a major harbour
32 photos of Lübeck, a German city along the Baltic sea coast and former Hanseatic League city
62 photos of Stralsund, a Hanseatic League city on Germany's Baltic Sea coast
Berlin photo gallery  - 47 pictures of Berlin
Leipzig photo gallery  - 96 pictures of Leipzig
Rügen island photo gallery  - 68 pictures of Rügen island
47 photos of Berlin, the capital of Germany
96 photos of Leipzig, a large city in the German state of Saxony with a very nice historic core
68 photos of Rügen, a German island along the Baltic sea coast, famous for its white chalk cliffs
Holstein photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Holstein
Bremen photo gallery  - 62 pictures of Bremen
Nuremberg photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Nuremberg
11 photos of Holstein, the southern part of the German Schleswig-Holstein state
62 photos of Bremen, a city of the Hanseatic league in northern Germany
23 photos of Nuremberg, the second largest city in Bavaria with an interesting historic core
Potsdam photo gallery  - 21 pictures of Potsdam
21 photos of Potsdam, a city in northern Germany, the capital of the state of Brandenburg
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