La Defense in the west of Paris is the largest office building complex in Europe. The district is centered around the 100m tall Grande Arche, built in cubical shape between 1982 and 1990. The arch overlooks a huge open square which is entirely a pedestrian area. The square is surrounded by department stores, shopping malls and office skyscrapers.
01 EDF tower 02 La Defense square 03 Les Quatre Temps department store 04 Les Quatre Temps department store 05 La Defense square
06 Grande arche 07 Grande arche 08 La Defense square 09 Grande arche
10 Grande arche wall 11 Grande arche 12 Grande arche 13 La Defense square
14 Skyscrapers 15 People sitting on staircase 16 Dome IMAX spherical cinema 17 Grande arche 18 Grande arche
19 Areva tower 20 Skyscrapers 21 Shopping mall interior 22 Shopping mall interior
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