Rovaniemi is a city of 600000 inhabitants, the capital of tne province of Lapland in northern Finland. It is at the confluence of the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers, close to the Arctic Circle, 800km north of Helsinki.
Due to its location it is a suitable place where to break the two days journey from Helsinki to the North Cape.
Rovaniemi doesn't have much in terms of historic sights, as the city was to a large extent destroyed towards the end of World War II.
Rovaniemi is centre for tourism in Lapland and has an airport and a train station with connections to Helsinki. It's the official home of Santa Claus.
A few km northeast of the city centre there is the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle, sort of a small theme park receiving tourists with children around Xmas.
01 Apartment building 02 Apartment building 03 Apartment building and construction site 04 E75 highway in Rovaniemi
05 Sampokeskus shopping mall 06 Sampokeskus shopping mall 07 Arctic light hotel 08 Suspension bridge over Kemijoki river
09 Kemijoki river 10 Ounakoski camping 11 Kemijoki river 12 Jorma Eton tie bridge
13 Rovaniemi church 14 Santa Claus village 15 Santa Claus holiday village 16 Three elves restaurant 17 Santa Claus village
18 Santa Claus shop
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