Oulu is a city with 139151 inhabitants lying in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia in northern Finland. It is the largest city in Northern Finland and the sixth largest city in the country. Oulu was founded in 1605 by King Charles IX of Sweden at the mouth of the Oulu river on an ancient trading site. In the last century Oulu has evolved from a city known for wood tar and salmon to a high tech centre of competence focused on IT and telecommunications. Oulu has a large university with 17000 students. The city itself is unremarkable and has no major tourist attractions.
01 Wooden house on market square 02 Market hall 03 Toripolliisi policeman statue on market square 04 Toripolliisi policeman statue
05 Beijing Chinese restaurant 06 Beijing Chinese restaurant 07 Oulu city theatre
08 Oulu city theatre 09 Old wooden warehouse buildings 10 Old wooden warehouse buildings
11 Wooden house with restaurant 12 Yellow building on market square
13 Houses on market square 14 Pink wooden building near market square 15 Pink wooden building near market square
16 Restaurants in wooden houses on market square 17 Uusi Seurahuone restaurant 18 Uusi Seurahuone restaurant 01 Bicycle stand near Sokos hotel 02 Square
03 Stockman store 04 Suomalainen Kirjakauppa bookstore 05 Jeweller shop 06 Pharmacy
07 Commercial complex 08 Shops and restaurants 09 Pharmacy 10 Escalators in shopping mall 11 Pedestrian area with shops at dusk
12 Pedestrian area with shops at dusk 13 Turun Kultaseppa jewelry and optician shop 01 Oulu cathedral 02 Oulu cathedral 03 Street
04 Holiday Inn hotel 05 Wooden house 06 Oulu town hall 07 Oulu town hall windows 08 Versatile cultural centre Valve building
09 Versatile cultural centre Valve building 10 Scandic hotel 01 Finnair airplane on runway 02 Finnair airplane on runway 03 Airport terminal
04 Arrivals hall 05 Finnair airplane on runway 06 Departure hall 07 Departure hall 08 Control tower
09 Entrance to airport
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