Located in the south of Finland along the coast, Helsinki is the capital of Finland and with a population of 583484 inhabitants its largest city. Greater Helsinki has over a million inhabitants, which corresponds to 20% of the population of Finland. Helsinki was founded in 1550 by King Gustaf I of Sweden but did not begin to develop into a major city until after Finland was incorporated into the Russian empire in 1809. With eight universities and six technology parks in the Greater Helsinki region Helsinki is Finland's primary political, educational, financial, cultural and research centre. 70% of foreign companies operating in Finland are settled in the Helsinki region. Helsinki is spread along the coast over a number peninsulas and islands and islets. Its centre is pleasant and has a number of historic buildings and tourist attractions.
01 Rautatientori square 02 Post office 03 Side view of railway station 04 Side view of railway station
05 Statues holding spherical lamps 06 Statues holding spherical lamps 07 Statues holding spherical lamps 08 Frontal view of railway station 09 Tower
10 Main entrance 11 Illuminated buildings on Rautatientori square at night 12 Rautatientori square at night
13 Rautatientori square at night 01 Pyhan Kolminaisuuden orthodox church 02 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral 03 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral
04 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral 05 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral 06 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral 07 Cathedral interior 08 Cathedral interior - cupola
09 Cathedral interior - organ pipes 10 Cathedral interior 11 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral 12 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral 13 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral
14 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral 15 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral 16 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral 17 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral 18 Helsinki Lutheran cathedral at night
19 Helsinki cathedral and Senate square 20 Uspenski Eastern Orthodox cathedral at night 01 Finnish national theatre 02 Finnish national theatre
03 Ateneum classical art museum 04 Finnish national theatre 05 Vilhelmsgatan street 06 Pond and fountain in Kaisaniemi park 07 Elk sculpture
08 Pavement and street 09 Church spire 10 Church spire 11 Helsinki university and library 12 Unionsgatan street
13 Eurovision music festival on Senaatintori square 14 Government palace 15 Decorations on Senaatintori square
16 Eurovision music festival on Senaatintori square 17 Eurovision music festival on Senaatintori square 18 House of the Estates building 19 House of the Estates building
20 House of the Estates building 21 Tram 22 Music band 23 Esplanade street 24 Vespa cafe
25 Government building at night 26 Fabian street 01 Vegetable sellers on Kauppatori market square 02 Choir singing on Kauppatori market square
03 Flag poles on waterfront 04 Young girls sitting on pedestal 05 Boat ticket booking offices 06 Boats docked at the waterfront 07 Kauppatori market square 08 Kauppatori market square
09 Skerry coast near Helsinki 10 Skerry coast near Helsinki 11 Suomenlinna ferry staff 12 Finnish coast guard ship
13 Viking line ferry 14 Viking line ferry 15 Naval academy
16 Helsinki waterfront 01 Airport building
02 Bus and taxi terminal 03 Hall with Stockmann duty free shop 04 Finnair airplane and containers 05 Plane wing at sunset
06 Plane wing at sunset 07 Itis shopping centre 08 Itis shopping centre 09 Itis shopping centre 10 MS Finnsky ship in Vuosaari harbour
11 Vuosaari harbour 12 Helicopter deck on ferry
13 Skerry islands
14 Helicopter deck on ferry 15 Skerry islands
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